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Jack Vanderwyk


This is where it all starts: Jack's Front Page
Anything Jack Vanderwyk produces on the internet will be announced here (in English and Dutch). 
Also use this site to catch up on earlier publications.
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Jack Vanderwyk's Significant Letters. This is a site with limited entries, and for a reason.
Jack uses this site only if he's got something significant to say. So no bullshit here. 
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Vertaald en bewerkt door Jaap van der Wijk
Volledige manuscripten gratis te lezen op deze website
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De laatste tsaar - Het drama van Nicholaas II

De fatale minnares - Mata Hari en de mythe van de vrouwelijke spion

Markus Wolf - Man zonder gezicht. Memoires van de legendarische Oostduitse spionagechef

Peter Arnett - In de frontlinie. Oorlogsreporter van Vietnam tot Bagdad

Stalin - Onthullingen uit geheime privé-archieven

Alleen op zee - 22 maanden tussen golven, pinguïns en ijs

De ondergang van de bark Stefano in 1875

Bloed en banketten - Society reporter in Berlijn

Operatie JB - Het laatste grote geheim van WO II

Bittere kou - 19 jaar in de Chinese goelag

Karpov over Karpov - Memoires van een wereldkampioen

A chef is a grumpy person with access to sharp knives.
Well, Jack has never been grumpy in all his life, but he used to be a ship's chef for some years.
And as such you sometimes have opinions that shouldn't be taken too seriously.
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Jack Vanderwyk has also written a Nautical Encyclopedia. Click here for the The Dutch version. Click here for the  English version.
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Sometimes you want to write something personal, that doesn't fit in any category.
It's not news, it's not funny, it's just personal stuff that may be only interesting to people who know Jack personally.
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Jack Vanderwyk used to live in the Red Light District and Chinatown of Amsterdam.
He went to school and was best buddies with people who are in the news all the time, if they haven't been assassinated.
As a young lad he was familiar with the greatest gangsters Amsterdam has ever known. 
They were "uncles", and at the time he had no idea how they made their money.
One of Jack Vanderwyk's most popular pages is the Chronology of the Amsterdam Gangland
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Jack Vanderwyk has spent a great deal of his adult life on the French and English Rivieras.
Click here if you want to know everything about the Cote d'Azur and the coastal area of East Sussex

Jack Vanderwyk is also a painter, a writer and a singer. There's no way to put a stop to his creativity.
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With his kennel Joe Batt's Arm Jack Vanderwyk was a Labrador breeder for more than ten years. (1996 - 2007)
As such he produced more than 250 wonderful Labrador puppies.
As a recognised dog behaviorist and psychologist he helped many people to train their dogs.
As an expert on the Labrador Retriever he wrote many articles about the future and the past of this wonderful breed.
As chair and founder of the Dutch dog breeders association NVFR and the Dutch kennel club RFN he brought about many changes.
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Click here to read all the earth-moving FokkersGazet articles (in Dutch) that changed the Dutch dog world
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Jack Vanderwyk is a political man since he was 13 and organised protest marches against the war in Vietnam.
He is an anti-imperialist socialist, not a Soviet- or Mao-style communist, and he studied Political Science in Moscow. 
As an editor/translator he worked with Peter Arnett, Bob Woodward, Harry Wu and many others.
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